H2O Racing
Union Internationale Motonautique


September 30, 2016

Friday, 30 September, LIUZHOU (China): Team EMIC driver Mike Szymura faces a new challenge at the UIM F1H2O Grand Prix of Liuzhou [2-3 October], where, for the first time in his short four- race career he will dictate where he starts the race from.


The 23-year-old from Berlin is one of a quartet of drivers to have stepped up from the F4-S Trophy to the senior tour, where they have to prove their ability and race craft once more.


To date Szymura’s qualifying position, like the rookies before him, had no bearing on race day, the mandatory start slot was on the end of the pontoon on the outside of 17 others. But Liuzhou is different. He has proved himself and now can dictate his start slot. “It will make a big difference but comes with extra challenges,” he said. “It is very difficult from last position especially the first corner when you are so far off. Hopefully I will qualify well, maybe middle order, but now I will also have to defend my position and not just be attacking and trying to move up.”



Szymura’s debut season is on track; he has picked up two championship points,  recorded a 10th best qualifying time last time out in Harbin and is still getting to grips with the Dragon boat he switched into for round 2 in Evian, France. “So far progress is good. I have points and we are making adjustments at every race to try to improve,” said the three-time winner of the F4-S Trophy series. “Every race we try to find the right set up, adjusting the weight balance, trying different propellers and of course checking everything is good with the engine. Getting used to the boat took a bit of time because it was completely new to me. But now I am much more comfortable with it and in Harbin we find a great set up and I did my best qualifying and we had a good race.”