H2O Racing
Union Internationale Motonautique


July 1, 2017

Saturday, 1 July, EVIAN (France): Beranger Robart says he is not surprised by the conditions that put a halt to today’s BRM Official Qualifying and delayed his UIM F1H2O World Championship debut. “It’s a great place to make a debut isn’t it? What great conditions. I have raced here many times in F2 and F4 and was the same. I am not surprised. The conditions change all the time.”


The 34-year-old from Chalon sur Saone makes his first start in the top flight running a third boat for Maverick F1 Racing alongside Cedric Deguisne and Amaury Jousseame and is clear how he will approach it. “It’s my first time so for sure I will not be taking any risks, make sure for a safe race and start to learn about F1H2O because it is completely different from F2,” he said. “I am very interested to try to do more races and stay in F1H2O and we will see if that is possible. But first there is a lot to learn and I just want to enjoy my first experience of it.”